Monday, 19 October 2009

World Cup 2010

With England already through, I watched with interest to see whether France would ensure their place in the play off last week. They managed it and then had to await the now seeded draw to see who they would play in the two match play off.

They wanted to avoid Ireland and Ukraine, so of course they drew one of these teams. France will now play Ireland with the 2nd leg at home.

The matches will be played on November 14th and November 18th.

The full draw was as follows:

Republic of Ireland v France
Portugal v Bosnia-Herzegovina
Greece v Ukraine
Russia v Slovenia

Good luck France!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Euro Rate dropping again

You may think I’m said, but on a daily basis I check the €/£ rate of exchange on the BBC business website, and yet again over the past few weeks the rate continues to slide downwards.

When I first bought the house in France the rate was around 1,52€ to the pound. This made French property very attractive as in the rural parts of France the house prices were generally low anyway.

Now, the rate is virtually €1 to £1 and the price of local taxes etc continue to rise.
I was expecting a steady rise in the rate in the second half of 2009 but this does not appear to be happening with regular doom and gloom news being released about the UK economy.

Come on the pound – rally again and lets start having some good news!
Anyone have any thoughts about the rate of exchange over the next few months??

Friday, 2 October 2009

New Euro Coins

Did you know that France has released two new Euro coins? Neither did I until today.

Apparently, the Monnaie de Paris (which is the French mint) have released around 2 million 10€ coins and around 250,000 25€ coins.

These were aimed at boosting the French coin collecting market and although they are legal tender in France they are not accepted anywhere else in the Euro zone.
Even in France though they are causing problems in the shops because the cashiers don’t know where to put them in their tills.

If you do happen to come across any in France, my advice would be to keep hold of them. The market value of these coins is expected to rise sharply with reports that the 100€ coin which was released last year already has a market value of 180€.