Thursday, 10 November 2011

Eurotunnel - thank you

We booked our usual October Eurotunnel crossing back in July of this year and as usual paid for the whole crossing by converting our Tesco Vouchers.

Come the morning of our planned departure and due to illness we are unable to make the crossing. I await the office to open and give Eurotunnel a call expecting them to tell me that I have lost my place and that is that. However, a very helpful woman informs me that as it is within 24 hours of our booked departure I can transfer the crossing to another day. I delay the departure for 48 hours at no extra cost and thank her very much!

Two days later and we still cannot make the crossing for the same reason and decide to cancel our trip. Again on the phone to Eurotunnel and am very pleased to be told that I can transfer the crossing to another date and all will be fine as long as we travel within 12 months of making the booking with no extra charges (unless the crossing I choose is more expensive).

After transferring my tickets for a February 2012 crossing I finish my call, and there is already an email in my inbox confirming the change.

Well done Eurotunnel - a great customer experience.

Thank you.